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MYO is committed to implement exercise strategies and methods that are aligned with current exercise research and the latest in scientific literature. Instead of being driven by the winds of opinion and popularity, we remained focused on the primary goal of exercise, which is to momentarily fatigue the musculature to stimulate a growth mechanism. Instead of trying to make some weights go up and down, we attempt to stimulate improvements in strength and health for our clients in the most safe, effective, and efficient way possible.

Being rooted in human physiology, we believe our fitness program is the most practical and sustainable for people who value their time and health. Below are a list of links and resources that you can use to further your understanding of high intensity, slow motion, resistance exercise. Make sure to sign up for our e-Newsletters.

“Body by Science - A Research Based Program to Get the Results You Want in 12 Minutes a Week” by Dr. Doug McGuff, MD.

“The Renaissance of Exercise - A Vitruvian Adventure” By Ken Hutchins

Drew Baye’s High Intensity Training -

Dr. Mercola: Why High Intensity Training is so beneficial for Health

The above resources are just a sample of the numerous available material regarding High Intensity, Slow Motion, Strength Training. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our e-Newsletter for the latest information regarding High Intensity Resistance Exercise.

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