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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MYO the best choice to improve my overall fitness?

The “Job Analogy” provides a good illustration for this question. Imagine you are out looking for a job and you receive a job offer from two different companies for the same job and for the same pay and benefits. Job offer #1 will require minimal hours and you get to work in a safe and comfortable environment, with the latest technology. Job offer #2 will require you to work 5-6 times as many hours as job #1, in a dangerous environment, in a hot, sweaty workplace, and with old, inefficient technology. Would you consider both jobs equal? \ Which job would you take?

The job analogy shows us the difference between MYO and other personal training options you have. In only minutes a week, we help you become strong, energized, and fit. At the same time, we minimize your risk of injury, and you train in a private, world-class environment. We are offering Job #1 to you. Do you accept? Get Started!

Why only 1 set per exercise? Why not multiple sets?

You only need to perform one set per exercise...if you do it right.

Our clients perform each exercise with proper and strict form until they reach a point of momentary muscular failure. When “failure” is reached, the necessary stimulus for change has been applied to that muscle group and we move on to the next exercise.

This stimulus is a message telling the body that it must make changes and upgrade. Once we’ve sent the message (by safely training to “failure” in a single set), we’ve triggered all the necessary processes for your body to make changes. Multiple studies have shown that there is no benefit to performing additional sets compared to single set exercises. Think about flipping a light switch on. Once you flip the light switch on, you get light. You don’t get more light by flipping the switch on and off multiple times.

In addition, when you train to momentary muscular failure, you won’t be able to do perform another set--at least one of any productive value. For example, many clients find it challenging to simply walk after one set on the leg press. It would be very unlikely to get any further benefit from another set on the leg press at that point.

What about cardio? Does this benefit my heart?

The short answer is: Yes. High intensity strength training is extremely beneficial to your cardiovascular system. We engage the heart and blood vessels by performing mechanical work with muscle. “Cardio” exercise, therefore, has nothing to do with the activity in and of itself, but has everything to do with what’s happening to muscle. For example, whether you are running or performing a leg press, the muscles in your legs get fatigued, and your heart responds. Your heart serves and meets the demands of muscle, not the other way around. There are a host of other benefits for the cardiovascular system to enjoy as a result of high intensity, slow motion, strength training. We recommend you read chapter 3 “Global Metabolic Conditioning” of Dr. Doug McGuff’s book, “Body By Science.”

Do you have Body Composition testing available?

Yes. It’s important to know what your body composition is, and not just your weight. We have invested in some of the best and latest technology available for accurate Body Composition Analysis. We use an Inbody 270 by Inbody USA which uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology. The analysis is fast, accurate, and non-invasive. Your first test is on us during your consultation!

Can I bring a friend/spouse to the consult? Can we train together?

We strongly encourage getting your friends and family involved with you. The more people you have supporting you, the greater your benefits will be. You can split/share your sessions with a friend/family member, but we always maintain a 1-on-1 private workout environment for each session. You can certainly come together, but you will workout in separate rooms.

Is each session really only 20 minutes long?

Yes. We schedule our sessions in 20 minute increments, but give yourself enough time to get comfortable and ready to work with your personal trainer.Will I really get results by training only twenty minutes, 1-2x a week?

Yes! Twenty minutes, once or twice a week is all your body needs to start building stronger muscles. The harder the personal training session, the shorter it lasts. You need at minimum 72 hours of rest between workouts to give your body the chance to adapt metabolically and synthesize stronger muscles.

Should I refrain from doing any other type of exercise?

You should refrain from doing more high intensity exercise. By engaging in more than two intense workouts a week you take the risk of overtraining which can lead to injury and other long-term negative effects. However, we encourage our clients to live an active lifestyle and enjoy whatever recreational pursuits they want.

How soon should I expect to see results?

It depends on how you define “results”. Even after your first workout, your body’s biology is making changes for the better. Many clients have reported the feeling the effects of the workout internally within the first 2-3 weeks of the program. By 6-8 weeks into a consistent training schedule (twenty minutes, 1-2x a week), you should definitely feel stronger, have less overall fatigue, and your aches and pains should be lessened. Within 8-12 weeks most people start to see the physical, aesthetic changes in their body.

Depending on what you’re goals are, it may take more time to get to the end result. In most cases this requires fat loss, which in turn, requires dietary changes. We’ll help guide you there, too. Remember, you can never outwork a poor diet or lifestyle.

Must I have a personal trainer?

Yes. Each workout is conducted under the close supervision and guidance of a highly trained instructor. This keeps you safe, motivated, and ensures that you’re getting the most out of every workout.

At MYO, you never have to worry about setting up the machines or charting your progress. Our instructors are responsible for customizing your workout, setting up the machines, and motivating you through the tough and final repetitions of each exercise, and all the while keeping your personal chart and notes updated on your progress.

What can I expect in each workout?

Your personal trainer will safely guide you through 4-7 different exercises that will give you an intense, full-body workout. Your workouts are customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Expect to perform with a high level of focus and effort. We will ensure that your workout is always efficient (20 minutes or less), effective, and safe.

What to wear?

Our only rule regarding attire is no skirts/short dresses (unless you also wear compression shorts), heels, or restrictive clothing. You are welcome to wear gym clothes if you wish, but business casual or street clothing is also appropriate. Whatever you wear, just be sure that your muscles and joints can enjoy an unrestricted and full range of motion.

I heard you don't sweat – is that true?

It’s true for most of our clients. MYO facilities are intentionally kept at a comfortably cool (62F) temperature at all times, not to prevent sweating, but to prevent overheating. Overheating is the stage where sweating no longer helps cool you down, but may reduce performance and lead to nausea and/or other more serious conditions.

Is this exercise good for women who are pregnant?

All pregnancies are different, and before you make any decisions regarding exercise during pregnancy you should check with your doctor. Once your doctor has cleared you for physical activity, our workout is not just a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy, it also happens to be terrific conditioning for giving birth and the recovery after.

Is MYO safe for older adults?

Yes, and in many cases it should be the only way older adults engage in high intensity exercise. That is because our super slow lifting speeds, watchful eyes, and special equipment won’t exacerbate any pre-existing injuries. Also, the older we get, the faster we lose muscle, which leads to falls, injuries, digestive disruptions, joint problems, and loss of bone density. The key to preventing all these issues is engaging in a safe, yet intense strength-training program.

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