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Discover the Beauty and Freedom of Your Design

Our bodies were designed with the ability to do and experience amazing things. When you’re not taking care of your body, you miss out on what you were designed to do. Similar to high performance race cars, your body needs the right maintenance and fuel to perform at peak levels. The owner’s manual for the car is not “busy work” to give you something to do in your spare time. No, it’s all about optimal performance! When you’re giving your body the right food combined with proper strength training, you’re unleashing the beauty and freedom of your design!

When we understand this concept, we shift our mindset from “How many reps did I do today?” to “How do I get the most from this workout so I can use my body for greater things?”

Have you actually thought about life this way? What could you do if your body was functioning optimally? What could you experience and accomplish? We believe all humans have meaning and purpose and are the instruments of change in this world. That is why we focus on lifestyle, and not just a temporary, quick fix approach to exercise and nutrition.


To get you started on the right track, we have become advocates of the BULLETPROOF approach to nutrition. We love that the focus is a sustainable approach for the long term, and not just a two-week fad. It gets you eating the right foods, at the right times, in the right quantities to get you feeling and looking your best. To learn more, ask your MYO team member or visit the for additional resources and information.

We make small, sustainable, incremental changes to your lifestyle so that you become more and more in tune with the beauty of your design and experience more freedom in your life.

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