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Tom & Kerry

"As a middle-aged couple, we were a bit skeptical about working out only one to two times a week. Having been long-time runner/walker/fitness center “faithfuls,” we were concerned about getting enough cardio in our workout. But after a year at MYO, our skepticism has diminished, and we are confident their philosophy is the best approach to total body fitness. The decrease of overall body aches and pains, the gained muscle mass and toning and the weight control maintenance have all contributed to our confidence. And, with our busy lifestyle, we absolutely love that we only have to work out once a week!"

-Tom and Kerry

Cindy N

“Sports and physical activity were a large part of my life when I was younger, but that changed after I got married and started a family. As a mother of five children, much of my time is spent attending my kids’ sporting events along with all the other activities of a busy household. For the past 20 years, finding time to exercise has been difficult. I often walk and bike with my husband, but I knew I needed to do more.

When I was first introduced to MYO, I was quite skeptical. Only 20 minutes, once a week to get the results I was seeking sounded too good to be true. I decided to give it a try, and the first workout changed my thinking. I have been doing MYO for eight months, and I love it! It is such an intense workout, and each time I leave, I feel like I accomplished a goal. I can feel and see muscles that I have not used or seen in a very long time!

Since starting with MYO, I have not only felt stronger and healthier, but I have received comments on the way I look. Instead of focusing on weight loss, I have focused on building muscle, which in turn burns fat. The end result is a stronger, healthier me, and I feel good about myself!”

-Cindy N

Laura P

"Being a client since 2012, I just can’t go without MYO! Through their unique exercise methods, the adrenaline rush felt after each machine is like finishing a 7-mile run. Not only that, but the results are quick! After starting, suddenly I saw muscle tone, lowered my blood pressure, and overall, gained an extreme sense of accomplishment which my previous workouts did not provide.

The instant gratification would be enough to keep me hooked at MYO, but I also return twice a week for the personal trainers. They cater to each client’s specific goals and fitness needs. They never push me beyond what I am capable of, yet they motivate and inspire me to give each workout my all. I LOVE IT!"

- Laura P

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