Build Muscle and Restore Energy in Minutes a Week.

1:1 Private Strength Training.

20 minutes, 2x Per week.

Most people are losing muscle and worry about a declining quality of life as they age. At MYO, we’ll help you safely build muscle and restore energy, leading to the active and independent lifestyle you’re longing for.

Members of your generation are choosing MYO to stay forever young.
Come and find out why:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

No More Muscle Loss.

Most people don’t realize how much their QUALITY of LIFE suffers from poor muscle health.

The Truth is, when you lose muscle:

You Get Weaker and are More Easily Injured.

Your Metabolism, Energy, and Libido Crash.

Your Hormones Get Out of Whack.

You Become Less Attractive.

You waste $1000s on avoidable health care costs.

You Have More Aches and Feel “Older.”

Your Bones Become Brittle.

Your Heart Health Declines.

You Lose Independence.

You’re Less Fun To Be Around.

You Become Less Relevant and Dependable.

Muscle Holds The Key
To Optimal Living.

Our process at MYO will help you:

Build Lean Muscle

Increase Metabolism and Decrease Body Fat

Increase Strength and Improve Bone Density

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Increase Resistance to Injury

Enhance Flexibility

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Improve Immune System

Lower Blood Pressure

Increase Stamina

Improve Mobility

Regain Physical Capability

Watch and See Why People Just Like You Аre Choosing MYO

“I am losing muscle and balance. What I need is strength training.”

Watch how Doug and Carolyn use MYO to stay strong and support their active and busy lifestyle.

Meet Andrew and Jordann | Strong Families Change the World

Get a glimpse into the life of an amazing (and busy!) family. Watch how they use MYO to support their healthy lifestyle.

Meet Brett | Unleash the
Leader Within

Watch and catch a glimpse of how Brett stays committed and disciplined to be the Leader he was made to be.

Clare BuntrockClare Buntrock
00:01 18 Aug 21
I started MYO a month ago and I am loving it. The workout is science based and very interesting to learn about. My chiropractor referred me because he uses it himself. Because the workout is designed to bring you to failure within 2-3 minutes on each machine, it involves ALOT fewer reps than standard weight training. So you get a full body workout in 20 minutes and that is a timesaver. But what is more important to me is that you don't overwork or stress any joints or muscles. I have arthritis in my knees so to do a standard leg workout with squats is not sustainable over time. This is entirely different. The one to one coaching is excellent and you get feedback throughout the workout, not only for encouragement, but also to continuously correct your body position so the exercise works most effectively for each muscle group. The staff is very responsive, kind and effective. I can't say enough good things about MYO
sandy zitzloffsandy zitzloff
11:56 30 Oct 20
The experience with My Strength Studio over the past 5 years and the opportunity to meet several of the trainers and work with them has been an amazing period of growth.The workouts are intense and require focus and drive. The two days a week make it much easier for accountability which in turn makes it a success for me.I have recently introduced this workout to my son that has Down Syndrome and it has been a challenge for my son, myself and our trainer Becky but also one of lessons and commitment on many levels. He looks forward to theses workouts and I do also.I can’t say enough great things about this crew and this system of training. Love it and the people!!
Susan HitchnerSusan Hitchner
02:28 14 Oct 20
I cannot say enough positive things about the team at MYO, the highly personalized one-on-one coaching, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the workouts. Who would ever imagine that 20 minutes, two times per week could make such a difference in one's strength and endurance?I have worked with a number of personal trainers over the past 30 years and can say without hesitation that Dan, my primary trainer at MYO, is simply the best. His attention to detail -- making sure I'm getting the maximum benefit from each exercise with proper technique and timing -- is superb. And he cares as much about one's inner life as he does about their strength training progress.What a blessing to be working with the team at MYO!
Christina S.Christina S.
14:51 01 Oct 20
MYO has been such an extraordinary experience from the first consultation to my most current workout. What I love most about it is that it is high-level customization. My trainer knows my limits and what my goals are, they have extensive knowledge of physiology that I trust and every single workout has pushed me past my expectations and limitations. Recently due to a schedule change, I started to use their online platform. Having done many online workouts in the past, I was incredibly reluctant and skeptical (as I have come to LOVE my workouts on the MedEx machines). To my surprise, those workouts pushed me just as hard if not harder! Working directly with Kevin and Dan, I have grown tremendously in my understanding is strength training and am reaping the benefits each day. Thank you MYO!!
Jake LinderJake Linder
16:46 18 Sep 20
The trainers at MYO are fabulous! I greatly appreciate the personalized care I receive from this team, both during my workout and beyond. I also appreciate the efficiency of the workout. There are days when I don't look forward to attending my workout session because I know I will be challenged and my body will be pushed to the limit. This isn't a comfortable feeling in the moment, but the results speak for themselves. I am stronger. I don't have the aches and pains I used to have, especially in my back. My posture is even noticeably better. We can't stop aging, but we can do it well. MYO is a great help to do it well!

Staying Fit and Active Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated.

You Just Need a Guide With a Plan.

We know how it feels to be anxious about losing physical capabilities and control over our lives as we get older. Our hearts break when we see people give up and believe they no longer possess any control over their health. It isn’t right that the most wise and experienced among us are unable to enjoy the active and healthy lifestyle they deserve.

That’s why we help many people just like you reclaim their strength, energy and freedom. Gone are the days of feeling anxious and irrelevant. Now is the time to get back on track and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to create.

We’ve spent over a decade crafting and perfecting our skill to help people like you enjoy the active lifestyle you envision. Our Elite Instructors have safely led over 65,000+ private training sessions to help our clients thrive. We will help you thrive, too.


Our clients save 147+ hours of awake time per year while increasing their quality of life.

What could you do with an extra 147+ hours per year and a stronger, healthier body?
More pickeball? Golf? Time with friends and family?
You get to choose!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your Plan to Build Muscle
and Optimize Your Life

Request a
Consultation and
Demo Workout HERE

Select the Plan
that Best Fits You
and Your Goals

1-2 Private
Workouts per Week


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Who Are You Becoming?

Here at MYO, we know that you want to be a strong, independent, and purpose-driven person in this next season of your life. In order to do that, you need to be physically strong and have the time for the meaningful activities you want to pursue. 

The problem is that most people struggle with constant muscle loss and lack time, resulting in a loss of physical capabilities and purpose. This makes people feel frustrated, vulnerable, and anxious that they are losing control over their own lives.

These are supposed to be the best years of your life. It’s not right for you to miss out on this amazing and purposeful season of life simply because your body doesn’t want to cooperate. We understand how disorienting it can be to lose your independence and identity in this stage of life, which is why we have helped hundreds of people just like you to rebuild strength and energy, allowing them to rediscover who they are and experience a more fulfilling life! 

Here is how we do it:

1. Only 1-2 workouts per week with our Elite Instructors are needed for physical results and transformation.

2. Allow 72+ hours
of active recovery
between workouts.

3. Enjoy your active and
healthy lifestyle and
pursue something meaningful!

It’s time to stop being anxious and start becoming the strong and purpose-driven person you were meant to be.

So, call/text us today at 612-470-2010 to schedule your complimentary consultation.
And in the meantime, access our FREE PDF “How to Build Muscle and Restore Energy – At ANY Age!”

What’s Our Why?
Personal Transformation.

Many of our clients come to us feeling anxious and worried about their ability to live as freely and independently as they would like when they get older. There are many physical, mental, financial, and social challenges when people are in a state of transition from working life to retirement life.

We understand these challenges and want to be there to support this transition, specifically in the area of physical fitness. Far too many people believe that they are stuck and have no control over their health and wellness. This just simply isn’t true.

We love to see our clients break free from these false beliefs and transform into the confident, stable, and dependable people they are meant to be. Our program often creates a domino effect in the lives of our clients. If they can feel better physically and continue to enjoy an active lifestyle, what other areas of their lives can they turnaround that they had given up on?

MYO Instructors have helped hundreds of high performing people just like you to gain muscle and vitality in only minutes a week.

Our Plan And Process Will Help You Too

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What Is It Worth To You?

Since you are a person who is responsible with your wealth and have made good investment choices in the past, you may be asking yourself if this investment in your own health and life is worth the money? That’s a great question. It may or ma not be depending on your situation.

As you decide, here are some things to consider:

  • What is the value of all the benefits you gain (listed above)?
  • What costs and expenses will you avoid by becoming stronger and healthier through our program? If you have stronger bones and muscles, you are becoming better protected from costly injuries. It’s sort of like insurance.
  • What is the value to you of 100% private, 1-on-1 training. There are few options for this. Not everyone wants this, but there are some huge implications for the quality of training.
  • What is your time worth? Consider how much value you are saving by reducing your exercise time to only 20-40 minutes per week. What is 147+ hours of extra time per year worth to you?
  • What is the cost of doing nothing?

Our Process is NOT for You If…

  • You like to lose physical capability and control over your life
  • You don’t care about wasting time and money.
  • You don’t care about your quality of life in the next season of your life.
  • You enjoy a hot stuffy workout room and equipment soaked in other people’s sweat
  • You don’t mind it when your personal trainer is sloppy, distracted, and unprofessional
  • You’re ok with strangers watching you workout
  • You prefer using cheap, mediocre equipment
  • You accept getting injured by foolish fad exercises that your trainer learned on YouTube. “No pain, no gain” right?
  • You like being just a member in a system and not personally care for.
  • You don’t mind missing your kids’ and grandkids’ events because you are at the gym.

Ok, But How Exactly Does it Work?

Great question. While the best way to understand our unique process is to come in for a free consultation and demo workout, we’ll briefly explain the methodology here. It’s all about Inroad.

Simply stated, this is our “secret” formula for success:

1. Train Hard.

2. Train Brief.

3. Train Infrequently

Literally, that’s it. And the tens of thousands of private sessions that we’ve performed over the last several years confirm what the latest science and evidence-based research are discovering: Less really is more. Add in the fact that safety is our top priority, the workouts are private,  and you receive exclusive 1-on-1 instruction, our program is getting close to being ideal for most people.

The key to understanding our success depends on your understanding of what “exercise” really is, and what it can and cannot do. So, what it exercise?

As you know, and as any grammarian will tell you, a word that means everything means nothing. Unfortunately, our so-called “experts” in exercise physiology think it’s a good thing to discourage a formal definition of exercise. If we had a formal definition of exercise, we risk alienating almost anyone in defense of his/her activity and the infinite variety of nondescript activity.

If exercise is defined as “any physical activity requiring effort”, it basically becomes a useless, meaningless term. But that’s what we’ve done in our culture.

So, instead of running around saying useless words with no distinctions, let me offer you our Formal Definition of Exercise. The following definition was originally crafted by Ken Hutchins and basically sums up what we are attempting to accomplish in a workout at MYO. Memorizing the following definition of exercise with make you smarter and more qualified than 95% of fitness “experts” out there.

Here it is:

“Exercise is a process whereby the body performs work of a demanding nature, in accordance with muscle and joint function, in a clinically-controlled environment, within the constraints of safety, meaningfully loading the muscular structures to inroad their strength levels and stimulate a growth mechanism within minimum time.”

If you memorize all the components of this definition of exercise, you can very quickly and easily assess whether or not a certain activity is truly exercise. If it doesn’t fit the definition, it doesn’t make the activity bad or worthless, it just belongs in the category of Recreation, not Exercise.



Our professional Elite Instructors at MYO will help you regain the muscle you need for the quality of life you want in only minutes a week.

You’ve made savvy investment decisions in the past as a self-reliant and hard working individual. Now you have the opportunity to make another good investment in your health and avoid wasting much of your wealth in the future on skyrocketing health care costs!

What Can Exersise Do?

Basically, Exercise can DO only THREE things:


1. Stimulate

Activity, if it is intense enough to qualify as exercise, serves to STIMULATE a growth response in the body.


2. Prevent

Activity, whether it qualifies as exercise or not, carried beyond the minimum amount required to elicit the stimulus, serves to retard, minimize, or totally PREVENT the beneficial improvements we seek.


3. Produce

Activity, whether it qualifies as exercise or not, can PRODUCE only one thing directly–something totally undesirable–Injury.

Therefore, exercise does not produce benefits directly. The human body produces the benefits. The body grows. The body adapts. The body enhances and increases. 

The body produces benefits IF the stimulus of exercise is present, AND the body is then permitted adequate rest, nutrition, and perhaps most importantly, time, in order to produce said improvements, AND the body is not destroyed in the stimulation process.



Serving each other and our clients is a top priority. We are constantly seeking ways to better serve our people in the context of our business.


At MYO, we don’t have employees but Team Members. We operate as a TEAM in an effort to advance our company mission and the collective goals of our clients.


Every human being inherently deserves respect. At MYO, every person who walks through our doors is respected and valued by all of our Team Members.


We conduct business in an honest and truthful way. We maintain consistency in our actions, morals and values.


We believe that every person who has walked this earth was born with a unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities to promote human flourishing. We are in business to enhance the vitality of people so they can be better equipped to discover and carry out their personal life mission.


Being excellent, not perfect, is what we desire. We encourage one another and our clients to strive for continual improvement in all areas of life.

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