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Small atomic-level shifts are a source of immense power

For people who value their time and results, MYO is the only high-intensity, private strength training you can perform in work clothes and be done in literally 20 minutes with no sweating. A tailored and premium experience, each session is directed by your personal trainer in a private and controlled environment.

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  • What You Get:

    What You Get:

    Here’s what happens when you strength train the right way, for 20 minutes, 1-2x per week. You will:

    • Gain Strength and Build Lean Muscle
    • Lose Fat
    • Boost Metabolism
    • Enhance Cardiovascular Health
    • Improve Bone Density
    • Awaken Self Confidence
    • Feel Younger with Less Aches and Pains
    • Feel Comfortable in Your Skin
    • Protect Yourself From Injury
    • Acquire a Stronger Mindset
    • Enjoy More Free Time
  • How We Serve:

    How We Serve:

    When you entrust us with your physical fitness and exercise program, it’s a big deal, and we take that decision seriously. In order to serve you well, we provide:

    • Precise and Tailored Exercise Instruction
    • Intense, Brief, and Safe Workouts - Customized to Your Level of Fitness
    • Professional Instructors Who Care Deeply About You and Your Goals
    • Relational Atmosphere Within Our Clean and Professional Studios
    • Lifestyle and Nutrition Advice
    • Advanced Body Composition Analysis
    • Access to a Network of Professionals Who May Aid In Your Pursuit of Wellness

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